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Identity Design

As IUE Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, which consists of the departments of Architecture, Textile and Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture & Environmental Design, and Visual Communication Design, we have prepared a digital catalog for our 2023 graduates. In this catalog, which we believe will enable the exhibition of graduation projects as well as the sharing of student portfolios on professional platforms in Turkey and around the world at the same time, and the promotion of our faculty and the work of our students, there are two and three-dimensional images and videos of the graduation projects of approximately 200 students who will graduate from our faculty this year.


We determined the main theme of the graduation projects exhibition and digital catalog we prepared for our 2023 graduates, who experienced education systems such as online and hybrid education systems the most and challenged these challenges throughout their education life, as CONNECTED and we wanted to focus on the concepts that connect our students to each other. With this theme, we also emphasized our interconnectedness after a very challenging period.


With our creative and dynamic team working throughout the year for the preparations, we collected the themes and keywords of all graduation projects and asked ChatGPT, a generative language model based on artificial intelligence, to collect these concepts under common headings and define these topics. And finally, we came up with five main headings that make up the CONNECTED theme: 'posthuman', 'resilience', 'diversity', 'care & dialogue', and finally 'destination'. The visual identity we created for the CONNECTED theme based on these titles shows that all departments in our faculty work in an interdisciplinary manner. 

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